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AC Solar has the expertise to help you get your energy costs under control. With energy saving washer or swamp cooler, or an entire alternative-energy system, decreasing your energy bill is our priority. We have been in the solar energy business since 1991, helping our customers gain energy independence. Enjoy the convenience of our online store or contact us today!

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The owners and staff care deeply about quality service and ongoing customer satisfaction. Established in 1991, AC Solar has a consistent record of excellence.

AC Solar offers solar and wind installation, solar panels, off-grid energy, power generators, wind power systems, water pumps, energy-efficient refrigerators, washing machines, propane ranges, and composting toilets.


Sample Wind and Sun Home

Cropped Panel. Windmill. Clouds.jpg
Cropped Panel. Windmill. Clouds.jpg

Sample Wind and Sun Home



One of our favorite alternative energy systems! The inverter powers large loads and produces about 5000-6000 watts of solar power per day.

The L16 batteries can be upgraded to Surrettes for even greater reliability. A great system for the average off-grid home.

  • Six REC 260 Watt Solar Modules
  • Top of Pole Mounting Rack
  • Bergie 1000 Watt Generator
  • 60 Foot Tower Kit
  • Twelve L16 Batteries - 350Ah, 6 Volts
  • Power Vent for Battery Box
  • 5500w Inverter w/70A Charger
  • DC 250A Disconnect w/Ground
  • MPPT Charge Controller w/DVM
  • Lightning Arrestor
  • Inverter & Battery Cables
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The sun can power your life.