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AC Solar can design your entire home or business system or get you the highest quality components and appliances for the best value. We offer solar installation, solar panels, off-grid energy, power generators, water pumps, energy-efficient refrigerators, washing machines, propane ranges, and composting toilets.
Established in 1991, AC Solar has a consistent record of excellence.

Get your energy costs under control today. Providing excellent service and lowering your energy bill is our highest priority. Browse our online store or contact us today!

What Our Customers Say

"First class installation! The ground-mount rack they installed is very rigid and strong to hold up to the high winds at our house, and it is perfectly square and true. The workers were friendly and respectful of our property and once they finished you couldn't even tell they had been here. It was also nice to receive advice about energy saving ideas. The shipping service dropped the pallet holding the panels and one got bent on the metal edge, which AC has promised to replace even though it still works. We will update this review to 5 stars once SunPower gets the monitoring dashboard working (it's reporting production accurately, but usage doesn't track with the Black Hills utility amounts). Bottom line, we highly recommend AC Solar." - Lori Chivington

"We had a ground-mounted solar array that had already been installed on our property when we bought our home. The array was blocking part of our view. We called one solar company to check it out to see if the system was working and if it was worth moving. They told us that the panels
were in terrible shape, and that the inverter could cause a fire! That sounded strange so I wanted a second opinion.
I called AC Solar and they came out soon after. AC Solar checked the system and said the solar panels were in fine shape. They
calculated how much the system should have produced and checked the inverter. It was almost the exact same number! They found that they were the ones that had actually installed the system years ago and it was still working just fine.
Because of their honesty, integrity, and expertise, we went with AC Solar for a new system. We are very pleased with pole-mounted system we have today."

- Jim Webb

Off Grid Systems

Do you dream of being independent and free from utility companies and charges? AC Solar will build the perfect system for your budget and needs. Live peacefully and free - no utility bills, no noisy gas generators.  These are just a few options. Call now to design your own and make your dreams come true! (719) 784-3603


Sample Small Cabin System

This inverter system will power TV, VCR and other small appliances.  The inverter's built in battery charger can run a generator for extra battery charging. Sample elements:

Two 100 Watt Solar Modules,

Tilt Roof/Ground Mount

15 Amp Charge Controller w/Meter,

Four Golf Cart Batteries - 220 Ah, 6 Volt

1500 Watt Inverter,

Fuse and Block for Inverter,

Inverter & Battery Cables

Small Home System.jpg

Sample Small Home System

The perfect system for the conservative energy user or a great starting base! This system makes it easy to  add components as needed. Sample elements:

Four 100 Watt Solar Modules

Tilt Roof/Ground Mount

Six Golf Cart Batteries - 220 Ah, 6 Volt

1500 Watt Inverter w/Charger

250 Amp Disconnect w/60 Amp Breaker

C35 Charge Controller

C35 Digital Metering System

Inverter & Battery Cables


Sample Energy Efficient Abode

Our most popular system.  The true sine wave inverter produces clean power and can turn the generator on automatically.  The output of the 120V or 240V inverter has the capability of meeting heavy loads. The battery bank powers through all your cloudy days.  Sample elements:

Eight REC 260 Watt Modules

Top of Pole Mounting Rack             

Combiner Box w/Breakers

12 Deka Batteries - 350 Ah, 6 Volt

Power Vent for Battery Box

4,000W True Sine Wave Inverter

MPPT 60 Amp Charge Controller

Distribution & Control Panel

Auto Gen Start

Lightning Arrestor & DC Breaker

Inverter & Battery Cables

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The sun can power your life.